Beyond the ocean: Microplastics are also polluting the freshwater environment

This article was originally published in New Nature magazine, winner of the Green & Eco Business category of UK Blog Awards 2018.  Featured image  By now, most of you have probably heard about the five ocean gyres, wrongly called plastic islands, where discarded plastics have been gradually accumulating since they first started being manufactured. Surely [...]

Plásticos nadando y un ingrediente invisible. Autora invitada Dr Lucia Speroni

El plástico nada como pez en el agua. Se estima que para 2050 los océanos contendrán más plástico que peces, en peso. Sin embargo, ese es solo el aspecto visible de los plásticos. Cuando los vemos flotando en el océano o sobre la arena de la playa, la mayoría de las personas los identifica rápidamente [...]

Fishy plastics, the ingredient left behind. Guest post by Dr Lucia Speroni

Plastics swim like fish in the water. It is estimated that by as soon as 2050, there will be more plastic than fish, by weight, in our oceans. However, that’s only the visible issue with plastics. When we see them in the ocean or laying in the seashore most people can quickly identify them as [...]