All this rubbish has an owner – Great British Beach Clean 2015 report

A few days ago I read the spring edition of the Marine Conservation magazine that they send to their members. Unlike other editions, this one had a whole section about plastics. They shared some statistics from their 2015 Great British Beach Clean and I thought I would share it here.
In 2015, more than 6,000 volunteers (wow!) headed to the beach and filled 2,556 bin bags of litter. Plastic and polystyrene were the most recorded items as you can see in the following graph:
Volunteers also recorded where their findings were likely to have come from:
All that rubbish has an owner. Still don’t see a connection between marine litter and your daily choices?

One thought on “All this rubbish has an owner – Great British Beach Clean 2015 report

  1. Wow. This is an unbelievable amount. We see it everywhere, don’t we? We have many lakes around this area, and campgrounds close by, and you find all sorts of rubbish there too. It is just so irresponsible. Also, to find thousands of cigarette butts in forests, or on the street close to a gutter. I can’t comprehend why individuals can’t just take responsibility, and be accountable for their own rubbish. Then we wouldn’t have to use so many plastic bags to pick up all that damn rubbish to put into landfill.

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