Top 5 Plastic Pollution highlights from 2015

1. Plastic pollution reaches a mainstream audience Ocean pollution had become, and still is, a hot topic within scientific communities. It appeared in discussions and debates at environmental conferences, plastic debris events, in universities, outside PhD laboratories, in lectures and social events like dinners. Plastic pollution in the ocean also made it onto the news as well as in magazines, even the general public has shared their concern on social media, and [...]

The plastic you throw away comes back in the most unusual way

Single-use plastics like bags, cups and packaging are the new indicators of our throwaway society. If you have ever been part of a beach cleanup, you know what we are talking about. Plastics are ubiquitous and single-use plastics are now more commonly found in the environment than ever before. The problem is that plastic not [...]

Endangered turtles and plastic, what you need to know – Interviewing Sarah Nelms

Following our previous  post  "why our plastic consumption is also a conservation issue", where we took endangered turtles as an example, this week we are delighted to interview an expert not only in turtles but also in the impacts that plastics are having on these charismatic species. Sarah Nelms is a PhD student at Plymouth Marine Laboratory [...]