Plastic debris in the Jurassic coast, UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

When I recently planned to visit back Durdle Door in the Jurassic Coast (one of my favourite places in the world, listed as UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site), I couldn’t have imagined that this time I’d only photography such a high amount of litter in such a marvelous coast. Although I personally believe that plastic pollution needs to be taken as a serious issue no matter where or how beautiful the spot must be, we both will agree that it is very overwhelming when you visit such a lovely place but it only reminds you one more time that marine pollution is ubiquitous. This is a very devastating example of how our throw-away society not only affects others (i.e. marine life) but it also come back to us by polluting recreation places like this.

Single use plastic cap found broken and degraded probably by the action of the sun and waves. Picture taken in Durdle Door, in the Jurassic Coast – UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

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