Hi you, Alicia speaking.

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After more than 6 months of plastic pollution research 24/7, I feel rather overwhelmed than relieved-slash-satisfied now that both my thesis and report for EJF are finally done and printed. I can’t remember a recent day where I didn’t talk or think about plastics (could be this an obsession?). And for those of you who know me you already, you probably know that my Achilles’ heel is my shyness. Until someone asks me about something I am really passionate about, then I could speak for eons. – so I guess this blog is also kind of an anti-shyness treatment –

So, again, for the past few months I’ve been asked about my research many times (very interesting questions, I have to say) . I’ve found myself in the middle of brilliant debates and also wonderings about environment, politics, economy, society, education… which is, after all, what plastic pollution is all about, right? Specially, you have asked me how to make a change, how you can change something in your daily life to make a contribution against environment pollution.

So this blog is for you.

Here I am planning to write short blogs answering those questions regarding (micro)plastic pollution, sharing my views and solutions. But – and this is the primary purpose of my blog – I will try to encourage you. I hope you will find this piece of me interesting and helpful but above all, inspiring.

This is for you, someone who believes that you can make a change, as I do.



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